Home Fragrance Soy Wax Melts - 1 Pack

Home Fragrance Soy Wax Melts - 1 Pack

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Our home fragrance soy wax melts are hand poured in small batches.  We use high quality phthalate free fragrances. We make our home fragrance melts with the maximum fragrance to ensure highly scented, fresh products. We do not use color or dyes in our wax melts. Simply add one or two cubes to your electric wax melt warmer and enjoy! 

Why use Soy Wax?

Our soy wax is a non-GMO natural vegetable wax.  It holds more fragrance than a paraffin wax and it won't leave any black soot in your home.  Home fragrance soy wax melts are an inexpensive way to try all our fabulous fragrances here at Serenade Natural Products.

Signature Minnesota:

Minnesota -  The intoxicating outdoor essence of Up North Minnesota. Fresh ever green notes combined with nuances of cypress & pine. Some floral hints on a bed of sweet cotton candy, ambergris, and dried tobacco. OH Yah! You Betcha! Great scent for all year round.

Fruity Favorites: 

Black Raspberry & Vanilla - An enticing blend of blackberries and raspberries, with middle notes of white floral greenery, and bottom notes of musk and vanilla.

Apricot Chamomile - Juicy ripe apricots & peaches with a mild note of chamomile. A spa quality fragrance with notes of musk, melon and violets. Yummy! Perfect for the kitchen! 

Cherry Bomb - A great rendition of true black cherry. Rich with aroma, this fragrance just makes your mouth water for dark, ripe, sweet cherries. 

Mango & Papaya - A tropical delight that you will fall in love with! Juicy mango and sun ripened papaya. 

Lemon Verbena - A fresh, crisp lemon scent with a delightful blend of zesty citrus including grapefruit and orange.  A perfect lemon verbena kitchen candle! 

Ginger Lime - A cocktail of bright ginger, sparkling lime, orange, and fresh apple.  

Raspberry Sangria - Made just like your favorite summer drink. We start with a pile of juicy red raspberries, add some cherries and grapefruit, lots of sweet red wine poured on top, and a hint of orange as a garnish! I can't get enough of this new scent! YUM!

Fall Favorites: 

Pumpkin Pie - A sweet, warm, richly spiced creation with ripened pumpkin and notes of sweet orange and spicy cinnamon, clove, nutmeg and coriander. 

Apple Pie - Warm apple pie with lots of cinnamon, clove, nutmeg and spice. 

Warm Vanilla Nutmeg - Warm smooth sweet vanilla with cinnamon leaf and nutmeg. 

Spicy Applejack -  A perfect blend of mulled cider, cinnamon sticks, and a twist of orange peel. 

Sandalwood - This intoxicating blend of vanilla and earthy warm sandalwood is divine! Rich, sensual sweet and reminiscent of incense.  

Toasted Vanilla Cream - The creamiest vanilla you can imagine. Toasted just right like delicate creme brulee.  

Cinnamon Rolls - Fresh baked gooey cinnamon rolls with warm vanilla frosting. Yum!

Winter Favorites: 

Christmas Bliss - A gorgeous, complex blend of balsam & pine greenery and flower essences. The perfect Christmas tree scented candle. Very fragrant! 

Fraser Fir - Inspired by the Fraser fir tree, this woody, balsam scent makes you think "Christmastime". Best Seller!

Sugared Spruce - Sweet and woodsy aroma that has the perfect blend of sweetness and pine & balsam greenery. A popular holiday scent. 

Cracklin Birch - Outdoors on a winter day...this fragrance is has notes of bergamot, orange, and lemon with base notes of patchouli, vetiver, and tonka beans. Reminiscent of a crackling fire. A very complex scent.   

Eucalyptus & Thyme - An awesome eucalyptus scent with hints of thyme added for balance and smoothness. Very fragrant!

Holiday Cheer - All the scents of the season wrapped up in one. Spices, sweet berries, orange peel & cloves, with strong notes of pinecones & evergreen. 

Tis the Season - Berries, pine, spices, cookies & vanilla all wrapped up and under the tree. 

Sugar Cookies - Freshly baked sugar cookies with buttercream frosting. Fresh notes of vanilla extract. 

Floral Favorites: 

Lilac - Fresh blooming lilacs in the spring. If you love lilacs, you're gonna love this candle. A good lilac candle is hard to find, but this one is sure to please! 

Lily of the Valley - A classic scent of delicate lily of the valley flowers. Light as air and sweet as the summer breeze. Just as amazing as the real thing!

Awaken - Hints of fresh fallen rain, lily of the valley and just bloomed iris. Floral and stormy like springtime. 

Herbal & Spa Favorites: 

Green Tea & Willow - An spa like scent that's perfect for anytime of year because of it's fresh clean aroma.  It has notes of leafy green tea, wood and fresh ozone air.  A base of white musk, cedar amber, begamot, white willow and jasmine round out this complex fragrance.  

A Day at the Spa - A delightful spa scented candle.  Light, floral and reminiscent of green tea and real cucumbers.  

Lavender Lemongrass - Lavender Lemongrass is clean and inviting - a fresh blend of tangy lemon, bright citrus and soft lavender flowers. Very Fragrant! 

Masculine Favorites:

Night Life - A popular men's cologne like Drakkar type. Just take the lid off and the candle will fill your room with memories of nights past. The fragrance is strong and is very manly! Burns cleanly and fragrantly every time. 

Leather - Sexy. Sensual. Leather is a scent for the man's man. Deep and strong, leather fragrance oil is a wonderful scent for a man's room, library, or car air freshener. Even the most manly man will enjoy a candle made from this candle scent.  Smells just like real leather.  

Green Irish Tweed - This is an elegant, rich, sporty scent with notes of sandalwood, Florentine iris, herbaceous clover, French verbena, violet leaves and ambergris. It's simply what a well-dressed man ought to smell like! 

Spearmint & Eucalyptus - A spa quality scent that blends eucalyptus, sage, spearmint and lavender. A unisex scent that smells amazing! Yum! 

Vanilla Favorites: 

Vanilla Cupcake - This candle is a creamy, yummy vanilla with just the right whipped vanilla frosting & sugar. Yummy as a Happy Birthday Vanilla Cupcake! 

Warm Vanilla Nutmeg - Warm smooth sweet vanilla with cinnamon leaf and nutmeg. 

Pink Sugar - A fruity blend of cotton candy, lemon drops, caramel and a touch of raspberry jam with undertones of musk & vanilla. It's a very sweet version of vanilla and sugar. 

Toasted Vanilla Cream - The creamiest vanilla you can imagine. Toasted just right like delicate creme brulee.  

Clean Scent Favorites: 

A Day at the Spa - A delightful spa scented candle.  Light, floral and reminiscent of green tea and real cucumbers.  

Baby Powder - Fresh like a baby right out of the bath. Just like the great scent of Johnson's baby powder. Very fragrant when it's burning! 

Flannel Sheets - This scent has the beautiful aroma of fresh clothes just pulled from a sun drenched drying line. Just breathe it in!

Ocean  Breeze - A clean outdoor fresh blend like the waves and scent of the ocean with a blend of light floral notes of lily, jasmine and sandalwood.  A very clean fresh fragrance!

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